Commercial Interior Design Inspiration For Professional Casino Gamblers

Designing commercial interior design has to be create visual and interesting place, with purpose and remarkable decoration. With specific theme and concept it must achieve significant impact surrounding it’s place. Also add more value to the building itself.

Commercial interior designer are prioritizing functionality, beauty, without sacrificing style or aesthetics. For example hotel room will be designed as specific concept to be look and feel more spacious and luxurious. Casino hall to be more themed and guests feel luxurious so they can spend more money in it. Fast food restaurant need guests that feel uncomfortable in their consciousness from the colour of it’s wall, Healthcare room that makes less stress to patient. It’s called design to deception mind of human. It’s so complex that need to be learn from human pattern of mind.

Comfortable casino interior design

Casino Interior is one of interesting project, it’s extremely important to make visitors feel euphoria of the theme and concept so they will spend more in it. The first person that called to defined interior of casino is Bill Friedman. He inpired many of Indonesian designer to match the international standard like Hokipanda casino design. His standards based on dark & low ceiling, blueprint layout look like maze, lack of decorative objects, to make psychology way to keep visitor focus on their gambling. Mostly casino will avoid time showing thing. It’s past designing of the casino.

Modern way to design the casino to bring so called “playground” feel theme. Publication in 1995 by David Kranes. The “playground” concept & theme is the opposite from Bill Friedman. Kranes realized dark room and lack of decorative objects makes people will feel unhappy and pressured. Krane’s concepts are more welcome with natural light, non-maze blueprint order, also put more decorative object to support it. Roger Thomas as casino interior designer from New York also agreed that people don’t want to make bets when they feel unhappy, overwhelmed, or confused.

Some of the new casino interior concept are based on real life. Even online casino gambling are based on what real-life casino.

Accessories That Can Change Your Room Interior

Teen room interior

Adding more decorative or accessories to your room, even bathroom or kitchen can increase cosines. Not only that, it can also increase beauty and point of aesthetics in that room itself. Here are some of accessories or decorative tool for each room.


Lightning is very important to make look different. Adding more or change the lightning with dimmable will be changing the view of room itself. If necessary change the room lightning color. Add lamp to your bedside table, or standing lamp in the corner will get different result.


Changing pillow sheet or adding more with different color to your sofa or bed will make your interior look better. Mix and matches the style, color, and sizes.


You may get rug with matching to your room color and concept. It doesn’t have to be expensive rug, simple and inexpensive rug will change your room.


Add some plants or flowers in your room. See how different you see it. Don’t get to big or type of plant that can make you bother to take care of.


Get container set to your coffee table or kitchen. Fill with snack, candy, or your favorite snacks. Too many kinds of container will reduce its look. Or changing container from plastic to glass, place it orderly.

Artwork/Picture Frame

Give picture frame at the corner table or artwork on the wall. Can be poster, painting, or your own canvas work. You can put it in your living room, dining room, or bedroom.

Organized Your Items

Usually you have to organized your bathroom. Replace your original soap container with set container. Or get storage for your cleaning product. You can save it in some item that look less aesthetic. If old things still look pretty, clean up.

Change Curtain

Change the color or material of your curtain. Add vitrage to get look more luxury, if you want simple things, you can get roll up curtain.

Add some ornament

Ornament can be something to be add into your room. For example mirror, ceiling lamp, vase.

Interior Design Style That Makes You Inspired

Calming living room design

Interior design is very important to your living. Bad mixing color, looking strange, bad shape and arrangement of your furniture it will make your uncomfortable or disoriented living.

Feeling bored with your local designer, or you are looking something new, something that never see in your area. These are some of interior design style might inspired you.

Mid-Century Modern Style

Interior design style that passed from world war era with touch of mixing modern and minimalist look makes this style is have so many variants to mixed up. From wooden style motives floor blending with canvas sofa material & wooden cabinet without closer. Window with less frame or asymmetrical makes interior looks perfect.

Scandinavian style

Never feel warm with Scandinavian style interior. This style has balance between simplicity, organic material, minimalist, emphasis, and comfort makes this concept is very well known. Color of choice is usually natural like blue, green, white, or light grey. Furniture with bright wood color or the opposite color from the interior makes it really pop up to our eyes.

Industrial style

This style is quite unique. Focus on showing material that we used, typically brick wall, exposed frame steel, or concrete wall makes this interior style element really strong. With dark tone color or well balance color of furniture. This interior really looks masculine, sometimes it show roughness, rustic of it’s material.

Urban Modern Style

Never endless mixing of interior style is only in urban modern design style. Choosing element and design from simplicity, modern, minimalist, luxury or cozy with personal preferable style. Sometimes non-geometric furniture are preferable. Don’t forget about decorative things like pillow on your sofa, mirror, vase, end table, etc. this urban style can be found mostly in major city.

Contemporary Style

The only style that never outdated is contemporary style. It can be applied to villa, apartment, house, hotel, or even bungalow. It is actually mixing between mid-modern, minimalist, modernist, with balance of color and design material makes it most preferable style.

How to Decorate Interior For Your Sweet Home

If you want to renovate or make your interior become more interesting, lovely, or more attracting than before. First you have to know what concept would you like to choose, it is most critical part. Concept and idea can be find in any method, you can find in the internet, asking to expert, read magazine, or streaming media about housing/interior project.

Second, you should find your own personality concepts, it can be modern, simplicity, contemporary, minimalist, futuristic, skandinavian, classical, bahaus. Concept are many, but to choose is quite difficult. see what is your preferable color that matched into your concept, how much your budget and what is suitable for your room project.

These are some tips to decorate your interior in each room, it might depend from the concept but it can be added to it.


Comfortable bedroom design

Bedroom usually have soft or bold color to make you feel comfort, can dark or bright color but not too colorful. If you like yellow color, choose one bright and soft but if you like darker color like maroon find the bold one. Also focus on your bedcover color and material that match, bedside table, make plenty of storage. Lightning color can be added to make more cozy. Add your personal favorable things like sofa, luxury look drape, add mirror. Don’t forget to measure everything.


Simple bathroom design

Think what size and measure everything. If your bathroom is small/tiny, you can choose smaller sink/toilet, remember if it just renovate not replace/remove everything inside. It can be troublesome for plumbing work if you remove/replace toileting tools. Find material that waterproof, most preferable is stone, tiles. Remember to make space for storage. Mix and match your personal color, but plain color is the best choice.


Compact kitchen set design

it can be tricky when you renovate your kitchen, because so many tools should be measured like fridge, stove, oven, sink and every kitchen component. This may cause trouble if you change it without knowing the measure. Add bright and light color will make your kitchen clean. Know how you use your kitchen. Choose material that can last long because kitchen mostly humid, cheap or thin wood can easily damage from humidity.

What is Interior Designer

Interior designer is a work of art, science, and design that specified on interior project plan, renovating, calculating, measure everything that pursuit on aesthetic, purpose, or beauty of interior itself.

Interior design has to work with element of design such as color, material, line, shape, point, texture, pattern, size, form. Color include the theory of color harmony, contras, scheme. Shape can be geometrical, organic, curvilinear. Not only element of design, interior design must include principles of design, such as harmony, balance, hierarchy, proportion, dominance, contrast. Everything have to be reason & factor to put inside that design project.

History start from ancient time when architecture worked as interior designer. We can find in ancient site. This profession cause by complexity of development, architecture point, and industrial process. To accomplish such beautiful design, effective space, well-being contribution to interior designer itself.

Example site from ancient time such as ancient Egypt housing, roman ancient site, Taj Mahal in India, china dynasty, or even Indonesian temple site. It shows really strong design for each every era. For example roman architecture using pillar, or Asian site using roof tile.

So what is the differences between interior designer and interior decorator. Interior decorator focus on things like furnishing or garnishing room with suitable element of the room. While interior designer main objective to decorate, design, some furnishing. Interior designer might decorate but interior decorator won’t.

Female interior designer

Interior designer divided into 3 specialties, Public, Residential, Commercial. Each has different element of design. Work tool and space make complexity of it.

Public Interior designer involve project such as park design, exhibition design, event design, wedding party, stage and set design. While residential include work such as Hospital, Hotel, healthcare, corporate, retail, office, school, industrial, resorts, bungalow, institutional government building, airport, casino. And Residential project like housing, apartment, villa, townhouse. Residential project will be more focus on personality of client, rather than public or residential with more element to be considered.