Living Room

Interior Design Style That Makes You Inspired

Calming living room design

Interior design is very important to your living. Bad mixing color, looking strange, bad shape and arrangement of your furniture it will make your uncomfortable or disoriented living.

Feeling bored with your local designer, or you are looking something new, something that never see in your area. These are some of interior design style might inspired you.

Mid-Century Modern Style

Interior design style that passed from world war era with touch of mixing modern and minimalist look makes this style is have so many variants to mixed up. From wooden style motives floor blending with canvas sofa material & wooden cabinet without closer. Window with less frame or asymmetrical makes interior looks perfect.

Scandinavian style

Never feel warm with Scandinavian style interior. This style has balance between simplicity, organic material, minimalist, emphasis, and comfort makes this concept is very well known. Color of choice is usually natural like blue, green, white, or light grey. Furniture with bright wood color or the opposite color from the interior makes it really pop up to our eyes.

Industrial style

This style is quite unique. Focus on showing material that we used, typically brick wall, exposed frame steel, or concrete wall makes this interior style element really strong. With dark tone color or well balance color of furniture. This interior really looks masculine, sometimes it show roughness, rustic of it’s material.

Urban Modern Style

Never endless mixing of interior style is only in urban modern design style. Choosing element and design from simplicity, modern, minimalist, luxury or cozy with personal preferable style. Sometimes non-geometric furniture are preferable. Don’t forget about decorative things like pillow on your sofa, mirror, vase, end table, etc. this urban style can be found mostly in major city.

Contemporary Style

The only style that never outdated is contemporary style. It can be applied to villa, apartment, house, hotel, or even bungalow. It is actually mixing between mid-modern, minimalist, modernist, with balance of color and design material makes it most preferable style.