Interior Designer

What is Interior Designer

Interior designer is a work of art, science, and design that specified on interior project plan, renovating, calculating, measure everything that pursuit on aesthetic, purpose, or beauty of interior itself.

Interior design has to work with element of design such as color, material, line, shape, point, texture, pattern, size, form. Color include the theory of color harmony, contras, scheme. Shape can be geometrical, organic, curvilinear. Not only element of design, interior design must include principles of design, such as harmony, balance, hierarchy, proportion, dominance, contrast. Everything have to be reason & factor to put inside that design project.

History start from ancient time when architecture worked as interior designer. We can find in ancient site. This profession cause by complexity of development, architecture point, and industrial process. To accomplish such beautiful design, effective space, well-being contribution to interior designer itself.

Example site from ancient time such as ancient Egypt housing, roman ancient site, Taj Mahal in India, china dynasty, or even Indonesian temple site. It shows really strong design for each every era. For example roman architecture using pillar, or Asian site using roof tile.

So what is the differences between interior designer and interior decorator. Interior decorator focus on things like furnishing or garnishing room with suitable element of the room. While interior designer main objective to decorate, design, some furnishing. Interior designer might decorate but interior decorator won’t.

Female interior designer

Interior designer divided into 3 specialties, Public, Residential, Commercial. Each has different element of design. Work tool and space make complexity of it.

Public Interior designer involve project such as park design, exhibition design, event design, wedding party, stage and set design. While residential include work such as Hospital, Hotel, healthcare, corporate, retail, office, school, industrial, resorts, bungalow, institutional government building, airport, casino. And Residential project like housing, apartment, villa, townhouse. Residential project will be more focus on personality of client, rather than public or residential with more element to be considered.