Home Interior

How to Decorate Interior For Your Sweet Home

If you want to renovate or make your interior become more interesting, lovely, or more attracting than before. First you have to know what concept would you like to choose, it is most critical part. Concept and idea can be find in any method, you can find in the internet, asking to expert, read magazine, or streaming media about housing/interior project.

Second, you should find your own personality concepts, it can be modern, simplicity, contemporary, minimalist, futuristic, skandinavian, classical, bahaus. Concept are many, but to choose is quite difficult. see what is your preferable color that matched into your concept, how much your budget and what is suitable for your room project.

These are some tips to decorate your interior in each room, it might depend from the concept but it can be added to it.


Comfortable bedroom design

Bedroom usually have soft or bold color to make you feel comfort, can dark or bright color but not too colorful. If you like yellow color, choose one bright and soft but if you like darker color like maroon find the bold one. Also focus on your bedcover color and material that match, bedside table, make plenty of storage. Lightning color can be added to make more cozy. Add your personal favorable things like sofa, luxury look drape, add mirror. Don’t forget to measure everything.


Simple bathroom design

Think what size and measure everything. If your bathroom is small/tiny, you can choose smaller sink/toilet, remember if it just renovate not replace/remove everything inside. It can be troublesome for plumbing work if you remove/replace toileting tools. Find material that waterproof, most preferable is stone, tiles. Remember to make space for storage. Mix and match your personal color, but plain color is the best choice.


Compact kitchen set design

it can be tricky when you renovate your kitchen, because so many tools should be measured like fridge, stove, oven, sink and every kitchen component. This may cause trouble if you change it without knowing the measure. Add bright and light color will make your kitchen clean. Know how you use your kitchen. Choose material that can last long because kitchen mostly humid, cheap or thin wood can easily damage from humidity.