Commercial Interior Design Inspiration For Professional Casino Gamblers

Commercial Interior Design Inspiration For Professional Casino Gamblers

Designing commercial interior design has to be create visual and interesting place, with purpose and remarkable decoration. With specific theme and concept it must achieve significant impact surrounding it’s place. Also add more value to the building itself.

Commercial interior designer are prioritizing functionality, beauty, without sacrificing style or aesthetics. For example hotel room will be designed as specific concept to be look and feel more spacious and luxurious. Casino hall to be more themed and guests feel luxurious so they can spend more money in it. Fast food restaurant need guests that feel uncomfortable in their consciousness from the colour of it’s wall, Healthcare room that makes less stress to patient. It’s called design to deception mind of human. It’s so complex that need to be learn from human pattern of mind.

Comfortable casino interior design

Casino Interior is one of interesting project, it’s extremely important to make visitors feel euphoria of the theme and concept so they will spend more in it. The first person that called to defined interior of casino is Bill Friedman. He inpired many of Indonesian designer to match the international standard like Hokipanda casino design. His standards based on dark & low ceiling, blueprint layout look like maze, lack of decorative objects, to make psychology way to keep visitor focus on their gambling. Mostly casino will avoid time showing thing. It’s past designing of the casino.

Modern way to design the casino to bring so called “playground” feel theme. Publication in 1995 by David Kranes. The “playground” concept & theme is the opposite from Bill Friedman. Kranes realized dark room and lack of decorative objects makes people will feel unhappy and pressured. Krane’s concepts are more welcome with natural light, non-maze blueprint order, also put more decorative object to support it. Roger Thomas as casino interior designer from New York also agreed that people don’t want to make bets when they feel unhappy, overwhelmed, or confused.

Some of the new casino interior concept are based on real life. Even online casino gambling are based on what real-life casino.